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During one of the longest droughts in California history, a group of gardeners saw an opportunity to help. They wanted to teach Bay Area residents to be more climate resilient by replacing lawns and water-intensive gardens with native and drought tolerant plants, without sacrificing beauty. As a result, Garden for the Environment (GFE) was born in 1990 and soon became San Francisco’s dedicated site for gardening and composting education.

GFE began by offering gardening workshops for adults and school field trip programs for youth. Their garden is designed and intended primarily for education, so they encourage students of all ages to prune shrubs, rip up underperforming garden areas, and plant new seeds and seedlings. They encourage you to visit the garden and get involved!

Get Involved

To learn more about Garden for the Environment and how you can get involved, check out the group’s website which details volunteer opportunities, upcoming workshops and more!

What SF Parks Alliance Loves

A 1/2 acre gem located in the Inner Sunset neighborhood, Garden for the Environment is surely one of the City’s best kept secrets!

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