Moss Metamorphosis2020-09-11T12:03:18-07:00

Moss Metamorphosis

Help us envision the future of Moss Street!


Murals. Lighting. Streetscape improvements. Stormwater features.

What do you want to see on Moss Street?

SF Parks Alliance has received funding from both the City Administrator’s Office and the SF Public Utilities Commission to improve our beautiful alley, but we need your help deciding what the future of this space will look like!

Please take our survey, or contact us at to share your thoughts. Our goal is to make Moss Street a safe and welcoming habitat for local plants, animals, and humans alike.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Why Moss Street?2020-08-25T10:45:06-07:00

The SF Parks Alliance office is located on the corner of Moss and Folsom Street.

The funding and greater Moss Metamorphosis project is an incredible opportunity to work directly with our neighbors on Moss Street, demonstrate the power of our placemaking work, and envision a better future for the street that we call home!

Where is the project funding coming from?2020-08-24T14:37:28-07:00

Funding for this project comes from two sources: a Community Challenge Grant from the City Administrator’s Office and a Watershed Stewardship Grant from the SF Public Utilities Commission.

What is the project timeline?2020-08-24T14:39:59-07:00

The grants we received have a 12 to 18 month term, so we will need to spend project funding within that timeframe.

What is the funding for?2020-08-24T14:38:44-07:00

The grants that we have received provide funding for murals, lighting, streetscape improvements and stormwater features on Moss Street.

How can I get involved?2020-08-24T14:42:22-07:00

We want to know what you love about Moss Street, what you don’t love about Moss Street, and any ideas that you may have for the future of Moss Street. We also need your help to spread the word about this project to local community members, neighbors and key stakeholders.

Email us at for more information on how to get involved!

Did you know that Moss Street used to be a tidal wetland?2020-09-11T12:01:49-07:00

Tidal marshes provide many benefits to coast communities: they protected against storm surges and flooding, improve air quality, and create necessary habitats for fish and wildlife.

Today, Moss Street sits at the intersection of two habitat corridors. These corridors provide important food and shelter for many types of wildlife – as well as aiding in the movement of animals and promoting greater genetic diversity.

As we work to envision the future of Moss Street, we are committed to recognizing this history and making sure that the street remains a safe and welcoming habitat for local plants, animals, and humans alike.

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