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Imagine two stairways leading up and down a steep, weed-infested hillside. Now, imagine a group of neighbors determined to turn that hillside into a botanical tapestry: that has been the vision of the 22nd Street Jungle Stairs.

It’s been a daunting endeavor, but as a result, the group behind this effort has created two increasingly beautiful areas that are drawing not just stair-walkers and joggers but also native bees, butterflies and birds.

Is the group finished? Not by a long shot, so be sure to come and join them!

Get Involved

To learn more and get involved, check out the group’s website and Facebook page. They also welcome you to join their monthly workday held on the first Sunday of each month!

What SF Parks Alliance Loves

22d Street Jungle Stairs is a steep “show stopper” located between Noe Valley and the Castro, complete with incredible views and a group of locals who are passionate and dedicated to maintaining the stairs!

Send a check payable to the SF Parks Alliance to the following address, or donate through the link below:

SF Parks Alliance
1074 Folsom Street
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