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The Bernal Cut is a half-mile long section of San Francisco’s Bernal Hill, separating the once unified hillside that housed the neighborhoods of Bernal Heights and Glen Park. Initially, the Cut was dug out to make way for a railroad in 1863. ‘The Cut’ is now home to San Jose Avenue, a major commuter road that brings thousands of cars into San Francisco every day.

The Bernal Cut Restoration Project is a multi-faceted exploration of place, history, community and the environment. Volunteers have worked to replant and revitalize the Bernal Cut hillside, and place-based storytelling invites you to see the Bernal Cut’s built environment, and consider the impact of urban planning and metropolitan growth on the environment.

The project is a collaboration between Citizen Film, a San Francisco-based documentary media non-profit organization, and the College Hill Neighborhood Association. Journey with them through space and time as they continue to explore the transformation of the Bernal Cut.

Get Involved

The College Hill Neighborhood Association (CHNA) – an important collaborator on the Bernal Cut Restoration Project – welcomes neighbors from all sides to help transform the Bernal Cut. Check out the Bernal Cut Restoration Project website to learn more about the history of this project, and find out how you can get involved!

What SF Parks Alliance Loves

As one of our most active community groups, this group does phenomenal work beautifying their neighborhood while also building strong community ties.

Send a check payable to SF Parks Alliance with “Bernal Cut Beautification Group” noted in the memo section to the following address, or donate directly through the button below:

SF Parks Alliance
1074 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA 94103