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Join us on Union Street to discover the magic of Bloomtown! This multi-layered, interactive art experience is taking place on Union Street, between Steiner and Gough, beginning in mid-September 2021.

In partnership with Building 180, SF Parks Alliance is bringing eight large-scale inflatable dahlias and multiple never before seen murals, repurposed from the temporary Presidio Field Hospital, and more to the Union Street corridor.

Placed on rooftops and throughout storefronts, these installations aim to inspire curiosity and joy for visitors of all ages, while also encouraging the rediscovery of the corridor’s local merchants, restaurants and retail.

Participate in the Scavenger Hunt

Ten unique character decals are hidden in storefronts throughout Union Street. To participate in the scavenger hunt:

  • Search for our unique flower friends hidden amongst Union Street storefronts. When you find your first flower character, ask the participating retailer for the Bloomtown postcard and your first stamp!
  • Find our other nine flowery friends and have participating retailers stamp your postcard for each one that you discover. Once you find all ten…
  • Share a photo of your favorite part of Bloomtown and your fully stamped postcard to social media, or email it to us at and enter to win.
  • Tag your Bloomtown photos with #BloomtownSF and #scavengerhunt
  • Win prizes! 5 winners will be selected for prizes valued at over $500!

Winners will be announced by mid-November 2021. Be sure to follow along at @sfparksalliance and @building180.

Prizes include: bouquets of flowers from The Bud Stop, a $200 gift card to Rose’s Cafe, gift baskets from Epicurean Trader and more!

Why this project? Why now?2021-08-31T12:29:17-07:00

The pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to commercial corridors and local businesses across San Francisco and beyond. There’s never been a better time to encourage community members to get outside, support local business and discover the unexpected joy of a public art installation.

Bloomtown seeks to do exactly that by bringing a variety of floral and artistic elements to the Union Street corridor, helping the area spring back to life and encouraging the rediscovery of the street’s local merchants. 

Where did the funding for this project come from?2021-08-31T12:29:22-07:00

Bloomtown was generously sponsored and supported by District 2 and the office of Supervisor Stefani.

Can you tell me more about the partner on this project, Building 180?2021-08-31T12:29:32-07:00

Building 180 is a full-service art production and consulting agency who produces, curates and creates unique and complex art installations, guiding them from conception to completion. The agency is a network of artists who collaborate with inspirational and innovative architects, brands, city planners, designers, developers, visual artists, museum curators and more.
Building 180 believes that everyone has a story to tell, and their wide range of services are tailored to bring that story to life.

How do I bring this type of project to my neighborhood?2021-08-31T12:30:07-07:00

Write to your District Supervisor and let them know that you love Bloomtown and want to see it take place in your own neighborhood!

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