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The Diamond Heights Boulevard Median Project is inspiring neighbors and friends to replant and maintain the median islands along Diamond Heights Blvd., between Duncan St. and Berkeley Way.

The project will be carried out in phases over several years. Design choices will anticipate plant life expectancy and site maintenance requirements for at least the next decade. Preliminary design criteria include the following:

  • Pedestrian/vehicle safety
  • Driver visibility
  • Pedestrian access to cross the median
  • Irrigation, low-water usage
  • Long-term maintenance
  • Site-specific plant selection
  • Return to historical modernism landscaping style
  • Visual appeal and aesthetics

In addition to the aesthetic benefits, the median project will bring neighbors together to form relationships, create unofficial disaster response networks, increase property values, and give residents a chance to build something together and strengthen the neighborhood community.

Diamond Heights

Get Involved

In the early phases, volunteers are needed for planting, grooming, collecting trash, and weeding along the median.

The group also needs volunteers to help with fundraising and promotion, work-day logistics and food prep, graphic design, and staffing the project table at neighborhood events and locations.

Once the median islands have been replanted, volunteers will be needed to coordinate and lead monthly maintenance work days.

Help in whatever way feels good, there’s a role for every supporter! Head over to their their website to learn more about how exactly you can get involved.

What SF Parks Alliance Loves

This inspiring community group turned a large, drab median into an attractive collection of plants and pavers through hard work, sweat and a collective commitment to their neighborhood!

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