The San Francisco Parks Alliance champions, transforms and activates parks and public spaces throughout the city.

San Francisco Parks Alliance believes everyone deserves a local, thriving and safe public space. When spaces are cared for, they unite citizens building stronger communities.

San Francisco has some parks and public spaces that showcase our vibrant and distinct city, but there are other parks and public spaces that are left behind.

We support public space community and advocacy groups. When communities do not have the resources to improve and maintain their public spaces, we are their advocate and support them.

After deep community engagement, the SF Parks Alliance:

  • Transforms cookie-cutter playgrounds into interactive works of art.
  • Converts underutilized alleyways, streets and vacant lots into vibrant “urban living rooms” complete with string lights, coffee carts, art murals, and weekly event programming.
  • Beautifies lifeless street medians and stairways with artistic color, tile, and plantings.
  • Renovates treasured landmarks like the Conservatory of Flowers.

SF Parks Alliance is the only city-wide non-profit that enhances the good work of more than 20 public agencies by providing additional hands, budget, and flexibility along with innovative solutions. SF Parks Alliance extends beyond parks to public spaces including SF plazas, parklets, staircases, medians, and alleyways.

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