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Friends of Lafayette Park (FOLP), is a 600-member community group that has been working to better this historic 11-acre city park for the past 15 years.

In association with San Francisco’s Recreation and Parks Department, FOLP has supported projects including an extensive $10.2 million renovation in 2013. FOLP has also led 15 years of cleaning and greening events, 10 years of “fall socials” and a half dozen movie nights in Lafayette Park.

The group is dedicated to the enjoyment, safety and improvement of Lafayette Park, and encourages neighbors to get involved!

Get Involved

To learn more about this group’s history and ongoing work, visit their website and Facebook page.

You can also contact the group directly via email, at

They encourage neighbors to reach out and get involved!

What SF Parks Alliance Loves

Friends of Lafayette Park are a passionate group of neighbors working to ensure that their local park is a welcoming space and source of neighborhood pride. We love their commitment to the park and to their larger community!