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Anna Yatroussis


The Lincoln Park Steps sit at the edge of Lincoln Park on the Western end of California Street and date back to the early 1900’s. In 2007, Friends of Lincoln Park founders, Anna Yatroussis and Meg Autry, had the vision for a complete design and structural renovation of the Lincoln Park steps, an iconic staircase that had seen decades of neglect and decay.

Anna and Meg founded Friends of Lincoln Park Steps and quickly engaged local artist Aileen Barr to provide sketches of a tile art design to present while they maneuvered through community meetings, City approvals, grant applications, private fundraising and project management of what would become a seven-year project.

The complete design and renovation of these beautiful beaux arts-inspired steps was finally completed in 2015 and today, the steps serve as a beautiful example of a successful public/private art project.

Get Involved

To learn more about Friends of Lincoln Park Steps and how to get involved, check out the project website or reach out to the group via email. 

What SF Parks Alliance Loves

Lincoln Park Steps are a destination not to be missed! The project represents one of the most beautiful tile work stair renovations in the greater Bay Area.

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