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Mel Flores


Persia Triangle is fondly known as the “Heart of the Excelsior,” as it is a centrally-located site in the Excelsior neighborhood, formed by the intersection of Mission, Ocean Avenue, and Persia Avenue.

In collaboration with city agencies and local community-based organizations, the Excelsior Action Group is undergoing a project to activate and beautify Persia Triangle, making it safer and more accessible for the community.

Ultimately, the goal is to transform this area, once a hazardous and unattractive collection of crossroads, into a beautiful hub of community engagement and civic vitality.

Get Involved

To learn more about the Persia Triangle project and how to get involved, visit this webpage or reach out to the group over email.

What SF Parks Alliance Loves

Surrounded by local businesses, transit stops, and community institutions, Persia Triangle truly is the “Heart of the Excelsior”!

Send a check payable to the SF Parks Alliance – with “Friends of Persia Triangle” noted in the memo section – to the following address, or donate directly through the button below:

SF Parks Alliance
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