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GreenTrust SF – Central Waterfront (GTSF), is a community-based group of neighbors who promote more greening with local SF native plants wherever possible throughout the Central Waterfront-Dogpatch area.

Since 2013, GTSF has focused on adding local SF, California native plants and habitats that encourage biodiversity and support local birds, bees, insects and other wildlife.

GTSF wants to share and showcase the subtle beauty of native plants in urban environments. The group supports sidewalk gardens, community gardens and spaces that utilize and promote local SF California native plants, which provide living green spaces for all to enjoy!

GreenTrust SF produced its 22nd Street Master Greening Plan in 2011. The plan was subsequently adopted by the city of San Francisco’s Planning Department, and 22nd Street in Dogpatch became part of San Francisco’s Green Streets Plan. The Master Plan was implemented by SF Public Works and completed in 2018.

GTSF Steering Committee:

  • Janet Carpinelli, Chair
  • Sarah Skaggs, Vice Chair
  • Ralph Wilson, member, Webmaster

Get Involved

GreenTrust SF encourages you to join them for planting local native plants, removing invasive species and encouraging other neighbors, residents and commercial property owners to do the same in their gardens and public spaces.

For more information, email the group at and check out their website.

What SF Parks Alliance Loves

GreenTrust SF does important and critical greening projects in an area that is bounded by freeways and light industrial buildings. We love their commitment to the neighborhood, the environment and the intersection of the two!

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