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Kids in Parks teaches natural history and ecology to local students through hands-on exploration and study of urban parks. The organization actively works to deepen the environmental knowledge and vocational skills of thousands of students across the Bay Area.

The mission of Kids in Parks is to help disadvantaged public school students understand their roles in the natural world by studying and exploring nearby parks and open spaces.

Since its inception, Kids in Parks has provided environmental education to more than 5,000 underserved students in the city, approximately 34% of whom are Asian American, 26% Latino, 18% African American, 15% Pacific Islander, and 7% Caucasian. Nearly 70% of these students qualify for subsidized school meal programs due to their low-income status, and more than 10% come from special education and special needs programs.

Get Involved

Kids in Parks offers many opportunities for volunteers to get involved: from hands-on help in habitat restoration sites to guest lectures in their classroom, and more.

The group encourages interested volunteers to learn more through their website and Facebook page, and by contacting them directly at

What SF Parks Alliance Loves

This inspiring group engages disadvantaged public school students with their local parks and open spaces. We love that they encourage these students to interact with the nature right in their own backyard!

Send a check payable to the SF Parks Alliance to the following address, or donate through the link below:

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