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In 2003, Java Beach Cafe proprietors, Pat and Buffy Maguire, enlisted the help of local Sunset District residents and then supervisor, Fiona Ma, to convert a desolate lot at La Playa and Judah into a green space with benches. Another local, Steve Ward, took the initiative to extend La Playa Park (LPP) on the opposing south side of the N-Judah Turnaround.

Volunteers made up of neighbors and Java Beach patrons came together to turn a trash strewn, neglected area into a beautiful community space complete with bird baths, flowers, bocce ball courts, and edible landscaping.

The purpose of the La Playa Park Coalition is to advance the quality of life for local residents and visitors, cultivating a family-friendly environment. The group serves various functions with endeavors ranging from carpentry to tech to landscaping, crime abatement, recreation, beautification, traffic and pedestrian safety, development, maintenance, fundraising, and disseminating information. This work is performed in collaboration with civic and local partners such as the LPP Merchants Association and LPP Watch Group.

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Check out the La Playa Park website to learn more about the history and goals of this group, and discover how you can get further involved.

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This group turned several trash strewn and neglected medians into a beautiful and inspiring community space complete with bird baths, flowers, bocce ball courts and edible landscaping.