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Sutro Stewards works to conserve and expand the wildlife habitat on Mount Sutro, while also providing recreational opportunities that allow the community to enjoy the incredible biodiversity, vistas and peace that Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve has to offer.

For more than a century, Mount Sutro, located in the geographic center of San Francisco, was overlooked by surrounding communities. In the last decade, the true value of the open space was revealed through Sutro Stewards’ creation of multi-use trails that allow the public to explore this exceptional area.

Since 2006, Sutro Stewards has mobilized volunteers to build and maintain trails, remove invasive species, and grow and install native plants. Through their educational initiatives, they share the ecological wonders of the mountain with youth and adults alike.

Today, the group works with both city agencies and land managers to continue to expand the network of connectivity between SF open spaces, and to engage the community in the planning of improvements and long term stewardship projects.

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Sutro Stewards is one of the largest organized independent volunteer pools in San Francisco, engaging over 1,000 volunteers each year and hosting ten or more volunteer events each month.

To get involved, sign-up for their newsletter, become a member, or consider joining them for a volunteer event or guided hike! Visit their website for more information and to see a full calendar of upcoming events.

What SF Parks Alliance Loves

Sutro Stewards coordinates an incredible network of passionate and committed volunteers, who help keep Mount Sutro Open Space the exceptional public space that it is meant to be!