Citywide Public Space Initiative

The San Francisco Parks Alliance has partnered with San Francisco’s Office of Workforce Development to pilot a new program that helps communities improve their public spaces.

The program utilizes an innovative community engagement strategy to foster recurring community-led activation and beautication projects that supplement the City’s critical cleaning and safety services.

Mendell Plaza, Bayview

Mendell Plaza is a transit hub, and it serves as a crossroads for kids on their way to the rec center, seniors on their way to the library, commuters on their way to work, and countless trips to local businesses.

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Gene Suttle Plaza, Fillmore

Gene Suttle Plaza is a large open plaza that serves as the front door to many neighborhood businesses. It is a crossroads for people on their way to the grocery store, the Fillmore’s restaurants and stores, and community institutions.

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Our methodology

We have an approach for lasting change in public space management that’s based on what we know works both here and around the nation. We’re rolling out service through a pilot program, by providing unique and customizable public space services and solutions.

We believe the building blocks for for great public spaces can be summed up into the ABCs – active, beautiful, and community-led.

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