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Mei Ling Hui


The Minnie and Lovie Ward Recreation Center is fortunate to have a Community Recreation Council to advocate for the needs of this community. The council was instrumental in the development of the new facilities and will oversee the renovation of the community garden as well. These renovations will significantly improve the productivity of the garden and expand garden access to additional neighbors in an area where many individuals garden to improve their family’s food security.

The project will also create educational opportunities for youth attending after school programs at the Rec Center, as well as those cared for by local childcare facilities who are interested in engaging their students in outdoor learning and exploration.

Finally, the renovation of this space will significantly improve its street view, creating a beautiful and inviting green space for all to enjoy.

What SF Parks Alliance Loves

This group is committed to increasing local access to green space and opportunities for outdoor education, and we can’t wait to see what they accomplish!