Foster Community while Helping Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Educate & Inspire Your Customers and Tenants

Local businesses are the heart of neighborhood corridors throughout the City, and they have an important role to play in encouraging social solidarity and reinforcing best practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Reinforce social distancing, mask use and other best practices to your patrons.

Click here for info from the City about how to get coronavirus posters and flyers.

Use your reach through emails and social media to inspire civic pride through coordinated beautification and small-scale activations

Activation Ideas — Foster New Connections

Learn How You Can Use Street Space, the Sidewalk, or Parking Lanes for Your Business.

Click here for information from the City about the Shared Spaces program.

Serving Your Customers, Creatively | Experiential Merchandising

While serving your customers, explore how retail interactions can become a new, uplifting experience. Amsterdam’s Mediamatic Eten restaurant created mini glass houses for intimate dining, safely separating groups of patrons from each other, and using long wood planks for food service, providing a safe distance between staff and customers. While limiting physical interactions between customer and business staff, re-envision how your storefronts, doorways and windows can be repurposed to serve your customers differently.

Businesses Take the Lead | Visualize Social Distancing

Businesses are at the front lines of educating residents the new etiquette for safely shopping and interacting with their fellow neighbors. Use fun and unique ways to visualize social distancing best practices. And if you can, while you’re merchandising your display windows, share messages of hope! You can also request free informational signage from the City here.

Street Art | Keep Storefronts Active

With boarded up storefronts from businesses and buildings temporarily shutting down operations, take the opportunity to hire local artists to create murals and posters. Reach out to Paint the Void if you need help connecting to Bay Area artists or print out art from Philadelphia’s Fill the Walls with Hope, Rage, Resources, and Dreams for installation. While the normal hustle along commercial corridors is decreased from retail activity, inject art and hope to keep your corridors vibrant.