Permitting Cheat Sheets

The permitting process for any public space intervention is determined by (1) the agency that has jurisdiction over the land; and (2) the type of project you want to implement. The resources below are intended to help determine who you should contact to get permission for your project. Permit Summary by Location details contacts for jurisdictions overseeing the majority of plazas, parks and public spaces in the City. For most projects, they will be located on a City sidewalk or street. You can also refer to Permit Summary by Project Type to view permits needed based on yourmproposed project type.

Permit Summary by Location

You have a great idea to improve a public space but not sure who to contact first? Below are contacts for agencies and public space managers in charge of both long and short term activations.

Permits by Location

Permit Summary by Project

If you have a specific project or activity to bring to life, below summarizes the permits required to execute your potential project or activity on the majority of City streets, sidewalks, vacant properties and buildings in San Francisco.

Permits by Project

If you need help determining the correct jurisdiction to permit your project, please reach out to the San Francisco Parks Alliance by phone, at (415) 621-3260, or email at