General Guidance

San Francisco is reopening in phases to keep our City safe and healthy. The website serves as a hub of information including guidance, resources, and updates on how San Francisco is reopening. Click here for more information. This page includes new information about how street space, sidewalks, and parking lanes can be used for business operations.

Ideas for Business Owners

  • Repurpose doors and windows as service counters, to minimize indoor use
  • Holistically plan the user experience from the sidewalks into your stores (from looking at a menu, to ordering, to waiting and picking up food or merchandise) to ensure the paths of travel are clearly demarcated and provide sufficient spacing at each decision point
  • Plan for a hands free experience that minimizes contact with high-touch services
  • Use real time information to inform patrons to wait in cars or away from premises, until notified by text message that their purchase or table is ready
  • Rethink experiences and adapt your businesses to encourage safe distancing


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